Comic Book Challenge Day 27 Aug05

Comic Book Challenge Day 27

Comic Book Challenge Day 27: Favorite Comic Book Movie Dredd The 2012 take on Judge Dredd, Dredd, is pretty awesome. There’s no origin story, and the plot isn’t overly convoluted. It’s just a cop taking out a rookie, and they have a pretty shit day. Well, for Dredd it’s probably just a normal day. It’s fun, it’s got some awesome action, and it’s only 90 minutes. Shorter movies are so rare these days, but it’s nice to just plop down for a short bit and get entertained without needed to set aside the entire afternoon. The 3D was also done...

Comic Book Challenge Day 26 Aug04

Comic Book Challenge Day 26

Comic Book Challenge Day 26: A comic you wish they would make into a movie Essex County Again with the Jeff Lemire stuff!! I honestly feel that this would work as a three act movie. I see the first act being one without a lot of talking or much back ground music. Just the natural noises of nature. I feel it’s got enough character depth and emotion to grab anyone. If done right, I see it being a contender for an Oscar. See Day 12 for more on Essex...

Comic Book Challenge Day 25 Aug03

Comic Book Challenge Day 25

Comic Book Challenge Day 25: A Book You Plan on Reading Underwater Welder Wait, your favorite write is Jeff Lemire and you haven’t read this? Nope, I haven’t yet. The thing is, I wanted to read it immediately, but I decided to wait. I want to read it when I can relax without the normal everyday worries hanging at the back of my head. It’s nice to have something that I haven’t read by Lemire available. I’ll be back in the US soon for a month long vacation, and I plan on reading it...

Comic Book Challenge Day 24 Aug02

Comic Book Challenge Day 24

Comic Book Challenge Day 24: Dream Character Team Up Hawkeye & Green Arrow It’s nothing special, but I’d love to see a crossover done by Matt Fraction with these two characters. Maybe they get sucked into some temporal rift thingy, but totally ignoring that they would end up have a shooting contest and trying to one-up each other with their trick arrows. I think it’d be a fun book to read. That’s all for today.

Comic Book Challenge Day 23 Aug01

Comic Book Challenge Day 23

Comic Book Challenge Day 23: Favorite Artist Mark Bagley When I was a kid I loved Bagley’s work on Spider-Man books, and even today I still enjoy his work on Fantastic Four and his run on Ultimate Spider-Man. There are so many artist that I really dig, but I went with the one I’ve seen the most, and consistently loved throughout the years. He was the first artist I ever had sign a comic (way back years ago at Heroes Con). Honorable mentions to Esad Ribic, Carmine Infantino, Jack Kirby, Jeff Lemire, Greg Capullo, David Aja, & Andrea...

Comic Book Challenge Day 22 Jul31

Comic Book Challenge Day 22

Comic Book Challenge Day 22: A Comic Book Second Volume Which Disappointed You ???? I’m really not even sure what today’s topic is supposed to mean. Is it the second volume as in the second arc of a series? Or a series that starts with a #1 issue, but is the second time for a series to use the title? I am thinking it is the latter, so that is how I will answer. I would have to say that DC’s New 52 was a disappointment for me. There are some great series over there (Batman, Aquaman, Animal Man, Swamp Thing), but so many titles have been such a let down. Some of the biggest let...