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This blog started off as a random collection of different things I wanted to explore. It had no real focus. I decided recently that I wanted to turn it into a place to do comics book reviews.
I used to read comics, but I have been out of the loop for so long. It was hard to find a jumping in point, but with the recent reboot of the DC Universe, I thought this looked like a good time to jump in.

I would read reviews on some books, and often times the reviewer would reference an authors previous works or compare the story to an older story. As a new reader these things are kind of irrelevant to me. I want to provide reviews from a “noob” point of view. I’ll take note of which writers and artists I am reading, but I want to base my reviews purely on story, characters, art, and fun of the story.

I hope this can be useful to others that are new to comics or for those looking for a different perspective.

If you are interested in what this page used to be about then click on the Archived Tab at the top.

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