Comic Book Challenge Day 27

Comic Book Challenge Day 27: Favorite Comic Book Movie


The 2012 take on Judge Dredd, Dredd, is pretty awesome. There’s no origin story, and the plot isn’t overly convoluted. It’s just a cop taking out a rookie, and they have a pretty shit day. Well, for Dredd it’s probably just a normal day. It’s fun, it’s got some awesome action, and it’s only 90 minutes. Shorter movies are so rare these days, but it’s nice to just plop down for a short bit and get entertained without needed to set aside the entire afternoon. The 3D was also done artistically, so if you have the chance to view it that way it doesn’t feel gimmicky.

I’ll be wearing my soon to be completed Judge costume at Dragon Con this year. It’s going to be super bad-ass.

Japanese Dredd Poster, because I live in Tokyo.

Japanese Dredd Poster, because I live in Tokyo.