Comic Book Challenge Day 22

Comic Book Challenge Day 22: A Comic Book Second Volume Which Disappointed You


I’m really not even sure what today’s topic is supposed to mean. Is it the second volume as in the second arc of a series? Or a series that starts with a #1 issue, but is the second time for a series to use the title?

I am thinking it is the latter, so that is how I will answer. I would have to say that DC’s New 52 was a disappointment for me. There are some great series over there (Batman, Aquaman, Animal Man, Swamp Thing), but so many titles have been such a let down. Some of the biggest let downs for me were the Superman titles. There was just something missing, and a lot of it was just mediocre. Catwoman and Teen Titans are two more titles that just ooze with disappointment.

I’m a DC guy at heart, but it seems there is just a lot of mediocre dribble over at DC right now. I never was a Marvel guy, but I have gone over. I guess I just like the “fun” more than the doom and gloom. The fact that I have “switched sides” is what disappoints me about the new 52.

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