Comic Book Challenge Day 21

Comic Book Challenge Day 21: Favorite Writer

Jeff Lemire / Brian Michael Bendis

Wow, this was a really really hard to decision to reach. There are so many good writers out there both past and present. I decided to go with current writers, since I have read more work from the past 8 years than past works.

Jeff LemireBrian BendisJeff Lemire is a writer than really gets characters. He gets to the core of who the are, and brings out deep emotions and feelings in his story. His work on Frankenstein & Animal Man raised the bar. Even when the “Rot World” crossover dipped and dragged on, Lemire’s Animal Man was always great. The characters and family were always at the forefront. Although he is probably not my favorite “superhero” writer, his independent work is superb. Essex County alone is enough for me to hold Lemire as one of my two favorite writers.

When I look at superhero comics, I see Bendis’s name everywhere. Guardians of the Galaxy, Ultimate Comics Spider-Man, All New X-Men, & Uncanny X-Men. I’m reading so much Bendis right now, and I am having so much fun with it. Hell, most of the writers over at Marvel at kicking ass. It’s because I am reading so much Bendis that I chose him over the others. Since this challenge arose from the IGN Assemble Facebook group, I am going to paraphrase podcast host Benjamin Bailey. Even a “bad” Bendis issue is still a good comic.