Comic Book Challenge Day 11

Comic Book Challenge Day 11: Favorite Comic Book Cartoon Series

Batman: The Animated Series

I grew up watching old reruns of the old 1960s Batman series, but after seeing the first Burton film when I was eight, I fell in love with the darker side of Batman. When Batman: The Animated Series debuted I was ecstatic. It was something totally new, and serious. It was one of those shows that adults could watch with their kids and be entertained as well. I remember my parents coming into the room and getting drawn into whatever episode was on TV. I think I even remember hearing my dad say, “Damn, that was good. When does it come on?” Same bat-time, same bat-channel, dad.

Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill are in my mind the definitive Batman and Joker, respectively. They are the voices I hear in my head when I read the comics, and they probably will stay that way until the day I die. “Christmas with the Joker” is also one of the Christmas shows I watch every holiday season.

Batman The Animated Series