Comic Book Challenge Day 5

Comic Book Challenge Day 5: Comic Character You Feel You Are Most Like (or Wish You Were)


wolverine scottie youngTo be honest, I don’t feel like I am like any one character, so I am playing more on the “Wish You Were” side of today’s topic.

While I am not a huge¬†Wolverine fan, he would be my choice for today. At 5 foot 6 inches, I am a shorter guy. Hugh Jackman aside, Wolverine is also a short dude. He measures in at 5 foot 3 inches. However, he is a pretty muscular little guy, and I am a fairly thin. If being Wolverine meant I got to bulk up or even got some Jackman level of attractiveness, I’d take it.

Wolverine’s healing factor is a pretty nice ability to have, and after scraping my knees like a kindergartner on the playground today, I’d love to have it. Wolverine’s claws are probably what I want most. I ride the Tokyo trains at rush hour, and people can be big old jerks sometimes. I am sometimes able to work my pointy elbows into the sides of these jerks, but I think “popping a claw off” into someone would bring a whole new level of satisfaction.

I also live in Japan and have a Japanese wife, so I guess that is something else I have in common with old Logan.

We both also die if you cut off our heads.