Comic Book Challenge Day 4

Comic Book Challenge Day 4: Guilty Pleasure

Umm… Sailor Moon?

What exactly is a guilty pleasure? I guess it means something we like that we shouldn’t like, or maybe something we aren’t supposed to like based on who we are. Examples of this might include guys that like My Little Pony, Cute little princess girls that like death metal, watching Jersery Shore. I really don’t know what to think about, because everyone has their own thing. Whenever I hear those words, “guilty pleasure,” I am reminded of Tim Minchin and what he has to say about it. These examples hold a very low threshold for both guilt and pleasure.

If I had to pick a guilty pleasure in the world of comics then it might be Sailor Moon. It’s not that I find it particularly amazing or anything, but rather it stirs up a sense of nostalgia. When I was very young all my cousins my age, and most of the kids of family friends were girls. I watched Rainbow Bright, Strawberry Shortcake, Carebears, and the original My Little Pony. (Don’t care for the new stuff, so not a brony.) I watched a lot of “boy” shows as well and had my share of transformers, but I always had a fond place in my heart for the “girly” stuff.

Years later when Sailor Moon was on TV, I watched it with my sister in the afternoon during the summer break. My Dad and I used to go to a lot of local comic conventions, and they’d always have some import Japanese stuff as well. When my sister would tag along, we’d pick up some Sailor Moon stickers or other little toys. People might laugh if I say I enjoy Sailor Moon, but do I feel guilty about it? Nope. It was something small that let me bond some with my sister, and let her join in on the “guys day.”

Bryan Lee O'Malley's Sailor Moon

Bryan Lee O’Malley’s Sailor Moon