Comic Book Challenge Day 3

Comic Book Challenge Day 3: A Comic that is Underrated

Atomic Robo

This series has been nominated for an Eisner twice, but I don’t hear a lot of people talking about it. It is fantastically written. Robo has led a pretty event filled life, and it is always interesting to see how he fits into history. I believe it is volume 2 where he travels to Mars for the space program (no need for air or food), and the pranks going on between him and Stephen Hawking in the story are pretty great. It can be serious, charming, or down right hilarious (Dr. Dinosaur).

There is important emphasis on science and both the balances between its usefulness and it dangers. Atomic Robo is a series for all ages. It’s got Robots fighting zombies, vampires, Cthulu-like monsters, and Indiana Jones-esque treasure hunts. It’s super fun, and I wish more people would check it out.

There’s also a Kickstarter campaign going for it now.

Atomic Robo