Review: Uncanny Avengers #1


It’s October and the Marvel NOW! rebrand / relaunch (not a reboot) is kicking off with Uncanny Avengers. I’m a newer Marvel reader, and haven’t delved much into the sea of X-Men and Avengers books. There are a lot to choose from, so hearing about new number ones and jumping on points got me pretty excited about this book when it was announced. However, I was pretty upset with how disappointing this book turned out.

Objectively, yes, this is not a bad comic. The art is pretty stellar, and it has the makings to set up an interesting and engaging story. The gripes I have with this book is its accessibility to new readers. The story is set immediately after the events of Avengers vs. X-Men, and the book is a result of that event. For new readers, we are shoved into the story with clunky attempts to bring us up to speed, if even attempted at all.

Fans of Remender might want to stick around to see how the story progresses and continues, but new readers might feel put off. There isn’t anything that made me feel compelled to continue reading this series.

If the point of Marvel NOW! is to attract new readers (and make more money), then Uncanny Avengers was not the right choice to start off this new campaign. New readers want to see the heroes they know doing more than sitting around and talking about why Havok needs to join their team. There is action in the story, but it’s rather abrupt and feels forced to break up the monotony of the long expository dialog. Uhg.

5/10 Current Marvel readers might find this book intriguing. As a new reader it is rather dull, and fails to get the reader to care about any of the characters. For the $3.99 price point, save your money and wait for a different Marvel NOW! book to jump in the madness.