Review: Doctor Who #1

“Trust Me. I’m the Doctor.”


Between now and Christmas, fans of Doctor Who are without their beloved Doctor. The first half of Season 7 has given us a slightly darker Doctor as well as the departure of companions Amy and Rory. If you are wanting more of the Ponds, then you might want to take a look at this new ongoing comic series.

Issue #1 is the first half of this two part adventure,  ”The Hypothetical Gentleman.” Diggle and Buckingham have done a fantastic job of capturing the atmosphere of a Doctor Who story and transplanting it to a comic book. You can actually hear the Doctor, Amy, and Rory saying the dialog in the panels. Little throw away lines, such as Rory’s occasional sarcastic comments, are present and really help to pull the reader to feeling that they are in for a great Doctor Who experience.

This comic reads like a television episode, or rather the first half of an episode. (Unlike the current crossover story with the Star Trek next gen crew. That series has been rather slow in the pacing of the story.) In 22 pages we get a lot happening in this opening issue. It’s not too much action that overwhelms the reader, but just enough to have us wanting more. I’m sure in episode  issue #2 we will get lots of running. That’s what every good Doctor Who story needs. Running. Lots of running.

8/10 A fresh story. For fans of the Ponds, you get more of them. Excellent pacing and a desire to keep reading make for an excellent #1. A must for Whoyvians, and a great read for you sci-fi fans interested in the world of the Doctor. A 22 page story that’s bigger on the inside!