Review: Bandette #1


Bandette is one of the first titles to be released by creator-owned comics imprint, MonkeyBrain Comics. If you are not a reader of digital comics, then you might have to wait some time for a print release. MonkeyBrain Comics are all exclusively released through Comixology. Bandette #1 is only 99 cents and you get 13 pages of content. Not a bad deal when compared to physical comic prices and page count.

To start, I love the art in this book. Coover’s use of subdued tones for the backgrounds really helps to make the focus of each panel stand out. With the focus on each panel popping out in vivid color, you see what you need to see at first glance, and can quickly move on to the next panel. This really lends itself to the pacing of the book, since we have a chase scene in the middle of the book.

Paul Tobin gives us a fun and engaging introduction to the comic’s namesake, Bandette. From the get-go we know that she is a thief, and quickly learn that she is more of the Robin Hood type. The dialog we get from Bandette is, for me, reminiscent of Dick Grayson and even Peter Parker. We get a little sarcasm and wit to make light of the troublesome situations Bandette finds herself in.

We are also introduced to a few other characters, such as Mr. Corvid (aka Monsieur), Daniel, Inspector Belgique, and an unnamed group of girls. All of them have some sort of connection with Bandette, but Tobin is careful not to reveal much of this early on in the story. We get just enough to keep us interested and wanting to know what will happen in the next issue.

**SPOILERS** After receiving a signal and the providing distractions for Bandette, I am very curious to know who Daniel and the girls are. I’m also left wondering if Daniel’s delivery to Monsieur was just a coincidence or if there was some other motive. Also, what’s the history between Bandette and Inspector Belgique?

We get an entertaining comic that would be easy to pick up with the seemingly simple story on the surface. Although, there are layers here, and it’s nice to see Tobin laying the groundwork for some deeper story telling to come.

Overall 9/10 Great Art. Fun. For 99 cents just Buy It!

Head over to the MonkeyComics Bandette page to get a preview of the book or head straight to Comixology and buy it! For 99 cents, you really can’t pass this up.