Comedy: HaHa! HeHe! HoHo! lol

Ladies and gentlemen! Boys and Girls! Welcome to another blog post here at The Know Nothing Nerd. Tonight we’ve got an exciting writeup for you folks. We are going to take a look at an amateur comedy show that happened a little over a week ago. You can watch it here.

This was the second time the Pink Cow in Shibuya hosted their Mad Cow Comedy Night. The first show was back in the first weekend of May. Keeping with tradition the second show was held the first weekend in June.

Organizers Jazz and Trevor worked night and day organizing the show. They lost countless hours of sleep to the hard pressing, grueling physical labor that they had to endure and over come. At least, that is what one presumes happened. Perhaps we will never know what transpires between each show…

Come the night of the event, the performers arrived a little early to fuel up on liquid courage, for no one knew what would await them once they were on stage and left to the mercy of the crowd. Improv took the stage first. I was safe for a little while longer. People laughed. I took that as a good sign. It was time for a break and then stand-up would follow.

Enter dream sequence. We can see a baseball stadium. It is the top of the 9th inning.

I was batting third this evening behind Trevor and the rookie Arniel. Trevor started us off with a lead off hit.

Arniel went to a full count, 3-2. The crowd was silent. All you could hear were crickets roaches. Arniel took some mean swings, smashing the ball towards the outfield, but they were just shy of being fair. There was no doubt though, this kid could hit. On the eighth pitch the rookie watched as the pitch came high and inside and took his base. Good eye kid.

Next up was me. No outs with two men on base. All I had to do was just play it smart. The count was 2-0. The pitch came and I stepped into as I connected with the ball, or I thought I should have connected with the ball. STRIIIIIIIIKE. Shit. I regained my composure and stepped back in the box. I let the next one go past without even swinging. STRIIIIIKE. Damn it! I had forgotten to swing. [For those wondering where I am at, this is just after my T-shirt rant. I forgot my make-em-laugh line.] The next pitch came and it was a little outside, but I didn’t want another to get by me, so I swung.

I connected and the ball landed just past the infielders and rolled to the center-fielder. He held onto the ball keeping Arniel at second.

Next up was Jamie. Jamie went to a 2-1 count before swinging. He connected and drove the ball deep in the outfield between center and right. Arniel was running to home, so that is where the ball went. Safe. Jaimie had his single, but that’s now how he plays. He plays how he likes to, and made the dash to second as the play at home was unfolding. The catcher saw it and threw to second. Jaime dived head first. Safe.

As Jazz stepped up to the plate the crowd was going nuts. 2 runs in, no outs and now the hometown favorite was stepping up to the plate. The count was 2-0. These guys were scared, and you could tell. The next pitch was a wild one, but I ran in from third to score another run. [Loosely, we are up to the point that Jazz has just referenced me.] The count is now 3-0.

It’s quite clear now that they were going to walk him. Jazz had none of this. The pitch was high and outside but he leapt over the plate, yelling like some crazed action star, while swinging and smashed the ball. It cleared the left field wall. Homerun!

Dream sequence fades out.

And that is how the show pretty much went. There was much rejoicing.

If you want to watch the show you can do so here. I go on stage at about 1:11:00.
The Pink Cow is located in Shibuya, Tokyo, and offers up excellent eats. It’s a great place to hang out with your friends and relax. Check it out sometime.