So yesterday I finally broke down and bought a PS3. I also picked up “Torne” (pronounced to-ru-nĂ©). It is a PS3 peripheral that let’s you use your PS3 as a DVR. This is a Japanese region only product, so if you aren’t in Japan, don’t import this. It’s a pretty cool device, and works well. However, I am not going to write about it today. I did pick up Braveheart on BluRay, and man it looks awesome!

Braveheart is well known for Mel Gibson’s character, William Wallace, crying out, “FREEEEEEDOM!” towards the end of the film. If you have no idea WTF I’m talking about you need to get off the internets right now and go watch the damn movie. As much as I would like to write and talk about this awesome movie, this is not what I came here to write about.


Flat coat, no decals.

I came to talk about Freedom, the Z.A.F.T. built Gundam from the TV series Mobile Suit Gundam SEED. This was the latest in my Gundam builds. I built a 1:100 Master Grade (MG) kit. There were probably a few points where I could have done some puttying to hide seams, but the way this thing is constructed, you really don’t need to. Where the part come together is where you would “naturally” find seams.

For the painting I used a variety of paints. For the white, I decided to just go straight up white and used a rattle can. I kept the parts on the trees when I painted, but I trimmed away a lot of the trees before spraying. For the rest of the parts I used Mr. Hobby Paint. I like their acryllic paint and that is what I normally use for my models. However, since I had mistakenly bough some paints at Toys R Us I had some Mr. Hobby water based paints. I used these for the “red” you see on the kit, as well as the gold in the eyes. The only big difference I had with these is using water as a mix instead of thinner.

With Decals

Decals on. Side view.

Once all was painted, trimmed, and ready to go I put things together. I then applied a flat clear coat. From there I applied some decals. The really small ones are just like peel stickers. The larger ones are scratch on. You place them where you want them to go and then rub over the area with a ballpoint paint. After that you peel off the plastic and the decal stays on the model. I took some liberty and applied both Z.A.F.T. and Hiro decals to my liking. After all this, I applied another clear coat.

I am thinking to go back and do a few panel lines, and possibly some light weathing. Maybe some silver dry brushing and a black wash. I am still debating this though. I don’t like the trim on the gun, so this may be an excuse to hide that (Also, I got the color wrong; it should be blue. I don’t really care though). Enjoy the pics.

With decals

Hi! I have a badass rifle and a double-bladed light saber. Not to mention four more guns hidden in my wings. I will f@#k your world.