iPhone Games

So I decided to write about iPhone games from my iPhone using the new WordPress app.
There are currently a ton of tower defense games on the app store. I was first introduced to the genre with GeoDefense Swarm. I must say for the $1.99 it is well worth it. I have probably gotten more than 15 hours out of the game so far. There are three difficulty levels with ten stages each. The last stage of each level is a never ending one. You will want to come back again and again to try and beat your previous score. If you’re a competitive person the online leader boards will keep you fighting for that top spot in the world.
My only complaint is my recent high score was not saved or recorded which was quite frustrating, but then again I don’t really care if I beat a 12 year old with tons of free time.
If you’re a fan of tower defense, puzzles, or strategy games check this out if you haven’t yet.